Download pics from idlebrain based on keyword

Here is a script to download many pics all at once based on keywords. is a site which has huge collection of pics of many actresses and from many movies. This script is very useful to download large number pics from idlebrain all at once with single click.


IPD (Idlebrain pics downloader) is used to download pics from idlebrain .This is thought to be primarily aimed at Linux.
You should have “wget” installed in your system to use these scripts.

check your internet connection before running these scripts.
If your having proxy authentication then set http_proxy, ftp_proxy to the corresponding value

COMMAND : export http_proxy=http://<username>:<password>@<proxy-server>:<port>/
export ftp_proxy=ftp://<username>:<password>@<proxy-server>:<port>/

By default wget uses this proxy settings.

This readme contains only the basic information.


Get in to the root account.

COMMAND  : su  - 

Create a new folder to save the pics and the scripts
For example :

COMMAND  : mkdir images

Get in to the folder and extract the scripts in to the folder:

COMMAND  : tar -xvf  ipd.tar.gz

This package contains 3 scripts .

  • The first script(idlebrain) is meant for user interface.
  • The second(downloader) to download .
  • The last to resume the unfinished downloads.

And now you have those three files in your folder. just give them execute permissions and you are ready to go.
Command to do that is

COMMAND     : chmod +x idlebrain downloader resume


It is pretty simple to use these scripts.

COMMAND  : es]#  ./idlebrain <filter>

where filter can be any heroin or movie name from

There is extra option to download all the pics from idlebrain

COMMAND  : es]# ./idlebrain -

The above command will download all the pics from idlebrain. It is very unlikely that u would wish to do that.
Be careful before using this command .It consumes huge amounts of disk space.

There is another script which you would use to for incomplete downloads.

Once you have downloaded the pics with some filter just be careful to use “resume” if you think there are any incomplete downloads rather than using “idlebrain”.

COMMAND  : es]#  ./resume <filter>

*** You should have the directory named “filter” for resume to work.
If you don’t have that directory just use “idlebrain” to start download.

Here is a small example :

COMMAND  : es]#  ./idlebrain anushka

The above command will start downloading the pics.
If you have some problem while downloading or you got disconnected then use

COMMAND  : es]#  ./resume anushka

The above command will complete the download.
Your downloaded pics will be stored in anushka folder (named after the filter).

*** use all small letters while using filter if you have any problem downloading you can try otherwise .

Download the file here :


Linux downloader customizable

Bash script to download set of files based on the list. You will find this a very useful script as you try to use this in many other programs. I will provide some examples to use this script to download images from a site based on keywords. This below script requires single argument which includes list of the HTML links to be downloaded.


# Loop through each link
while [ `find "$1" -size +0` ]
url=`head -n1 "$1"`
head -n1 "$1" > temp
wget -Fi temp

# if no error downloading the link
if [ $ERRORCODE -eq 0 ]; then
sed -si 1d "$1"

# if error downloading the link try later
# remove from the top and put it in the bottom
echo "ERROR: could not get url" 1>&2
echo "$url" >> "$1"
sed -si 1d "$1"

Generate a random string in bash

Generating random string in used in cryptography and it is very important in our day to day programming to generate a random password generation, random username access or login .. etc., To generate a random string with other characters you can add those characters to array1.



w e r t y u p a s d f h j k z x c v b m Q W E R T Y U P A D
F H J K L Z X C V B N M 2 3 4 7 8 1 5 6 9



while [ $pwd_len -lt $MAXSIZE ]
echo $password