About Us

Hacking is not about exploiting something vulnerable. Hackers are not people who does malicious things, this is the big mis conception in the tech community that hackers are one who get in to other systems, crack passwords, write malicious codes.Crackers do  such things more often.

Hacking is all about how we tweak things to be more useful in our daily life. Hackers are the people who create and crackers are the people who generally tend to destroy. One more misconception is that hacking is more relevant to computers. This is not true, anything you  create and innovate from the  existing products is all hacking. Just you  got to have the willingness to do something  to help the community. So please don’t misuse the word hacker to represent a  malicious cracker.

This site talks about the  various programming languages, general hacks which we can apply in our day to day life. Happy hacking. Your contribution and feedback will be of great importance for the development of each of us and the entire community.

Please note that the comments to be more specific to the post, any general questions and illicit links, content will not be entertained.

If you have any suggestions or queries, please feel free to contact me at “codeworldtechnology@gmail.com“, I’ll try to reply as soon as possible.


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