Show warning in popup just before Session Ends

On many websites we see some popup like you your session will end in 2 mins, specially in Banking website we see this kind of popup. So lets see how can we implement this functionality.

Step 1: Set Timeout in SessionState tag in Web.Config file.

<sessionState mode=”InProccustomProvider=”DefaultSessionProvidertimeout=”3>

Step 2: Add a key in Web.Config in AppSetting for Warning time, time after which you want to show popup.

    <add key=”SessionTimeOutWarningTimevalue=”2/>

Step 3: In your master page, write below script code. The key this of this approach is, as soon as you load a page it sets a Timeout function, so if you are ideal for that much time then it’ll prompt you. And when you reload the page or move to some other page then master page also reloads so it’ll reset the whole code, so whatever time you spent on previous page will not impact on new page. Whole thing will start from zero.

<script type=“text/javascript”>
var sessionTimeOut = <%= Session.Timeout %>;

var sessionWarningTime = “<%=

ConfigurationManager.AppSettings[“SessionTimeOutWarningTime”] %>”;

var timeOutInMiliSeconds = (parseInt(sessionWarningTime ) * 60 * 1000);

setTimeout(“sessionTimeOutShowPopup()”, timeOutInMiliSeconds);

function sessionTimeOutShowPopup() {

alert(“Session will expire in “ +

                       (parseInt(sessionTimeOut) – parseInt(sessionWarningTime ))




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