Extract only numbers from a String in Sqlserver.

Hi all, Sometimes we have situation like when our required data (numeric) is part of the string and to process further we have to extract it first from the string. In this article I am trying to explain how to extract only numeric values from the string in sqlserver.

Logic: logic is quite simple. We will loop till the end of the string and take one character of the string at a time and check whether it is numeric or not, if it is than it is part of out required data, else move forward.

DECLARE @str nvarchar(100),@len int,@result nvarchar(100)

DECLARE @next int

set @str=’gy3k67mplw01A46bru9tf87′

SET @len=LEN(@str)

SET @result = ”

SET @next=3


WHILE(@len > 0)


            set @result = @result + (SELECT case when SUBSTRING(@str,@next,1) LIKE ‘[0-9]’ THEN SUBSTRING(@str,@next,1) ELSE ” end)

            set @next = @next + 1

            set @len = @len – 1


SELECT @result


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