Program to Insert a substring in a main string.

/* We have a main string and a sub string that has to be inserted somewhere in main string according to user. User insert main string and substring both, as well as he entered index where substring has to be inserted. If we have space in main string and we want to keep the main string in proper format as we insert than we have to add space along with substring as input. */


void insert(char sup[], char sub[], int pos,int supl, int subl)
{int i,j,n;
char temp[1000];
printf(“\nsupl= %d\n”,supl);
printf(“\nsubl= %d\n”,subl);



for(;pos=supl || pos<0)
{puts(“\nArray out of bound! You entered invalid index.”);
else insert(sup,sub,pos,supl,subl);


2 thoughts on “Program to Insert a substring in a main string.

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