Print the kind of number

Print whether a number is integer, decimal, positive, negative .. etc.,

sub getnum {
use POSIX qw(strtod);
my $str = shift;
$str =~ s/^\s+//;
$str =~ s/\s+$//;
$! = 0;
my($num, $unparsed) = strtod($str);
if (($str eq '') || ($unparsed != 0) || $!) {
} else {
return $num;
sub is_numeric { defined scalar &getnum }
$_ = "-0.65";
if (/\D/){
print "is a nondigit"; }
else {
print "is a digit or someother"; }
# warn "is a nondigit"  if /\D/;
warn "not a natural number" unless /^\d+$/;
warn "not a integer" unless /^[-+]?\d+$/;
warn "not an decimal number" unless /^-?\d+\.?\d*$/;
print is_numeric( defined scalar &getnum);
print getnum("A143");


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